Monday, July 21, 2008

Deal or no Deal ?

Deal or no Deal ? This is the question in everybody's mind before the crucial vote of confidence for the UPA government. Several people have been exposed and several have been a revelation in the events preceding this crucial vote.

For once, the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was described as the weakest Indian PM ever by the opposition leader L.K Advani, did not look so weak. He demonstrated a tremendous political will by not only taking the Left head on, but also in his efforts to save the government, through his hitherto unknown political acumen.

Everybody expected this from the Left, didn't we ? I sometimes feel that Prakash Karat has just woken up from coma after 30 long years. His thinking, idealogies and actions, all seem to be from the period of cold war. His hatred for America even makes Ian Botham and Ian Chappel seem as lovers.

If at all there is an award to be given for the most oppurtunistic political party, there will be a very close race between SP and BSP. Seeing its powers getting diminished in its home state of Uttar Pradesh, SP has once again tied up with its old foe Congress.How long this alliance will last, is a question which only time can answer. Mayawati, on the other hand has found a small opening to fulfill the ultimate dream of any politician, to be the Prime minister of India. Though her dream may be far from reality, she definitely has made her intentions clear.

The one party which has probably disappointed the most is BJP. L.K Advani has realised that this may be his last chance to be the Prime minister of India and thus they are opposing the deal which even they know is good for the country. When BJP first got into prominence in the national politics, they were seen as the party with a difference. Now, the difference has finally vanished.

The nuclear deal fiasco has again brought the dirty politics into fore.But again, rather than blaming the politicians we show ask the question, who sent them into the parliament ?

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