Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sapling

We sowed a seed, and expected a tree
We manured it, we watered it everyday
We gave it sunlight, we gave it our time
With a smile on our face, we waited.

The seed grew to a sapling
and our joy knew no bounds
we started dreaming of the tree
we started dreaming of the fruits

Then came a mighty storm
and ran over our beloved plant
Under the fury of the wind
lay the plant; crushed, senseless, dead.

With our dreams shattered
we blamed the storm
we blamed the lightening
we blamed the nature

But whose fault was it really?
Of the storm ? that was just passing by .
Of the lightening ? that was just doing its job.
Of the nature ? which never does anything without a reason

Or, was it the fault of the time ?
Did the storm arrive a little early ?
Struck the sapling when it was still young,
Cos it knew, it had no chance with the tree.


Sadiya Merchant said...

cud b our fault cos it was so small n v left it outside :o

Vikram Pyati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vikram Pyati said...

@Sadiya Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see your comment. Now that I think of it, your reason does make perfect sense !!!

The Fool said...

Lovely poem. very deep and philosophical. I have thought on these lines so many times.

Vikram Pyati said...

The Fool - Thanks for you comment :)

Nikita Kumawat said...


Vikram Pyati said...

Thanks Nikita .. and Welcome to the blog :)

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