Monday, July 14, 2008

Bombaat- Mano Murthy shines again

Mano Murthy has been instrumental in doing a face lift for Kannada film music in recent years. Be it "America America", "Amritadhare" or the peerless "Mungaru Male", he has done some of the best works in Kannada film industry.

Mano Murthy has again hit the right notes with Bombaat. It has some truly melodious songs sung wonderfully well by Sonu Nigam and Co. "Mathenalli Helaranenu" is my favorite song from the movie sung by Sonu Nigam. The lyrics by Jayant Kaikini are superb, as usual. The female version of the song is sung by another Mano Murthy favorite, Sherya Ghoshal. She has sung it beautifully and with some subtle variations from the male version, it adds a different flavour to the song. Rajesh and Supriya have sung the song "Strawberry Kenne". With simple lyrics and simple music, it is a sweet innocent song which you will definitely enjoy listening to. "Chinna Hele Hegiruve" and "I am so Bombaat" complete the list of the songs.

All the songs are enjoyable and I hope the film is equally good. Great work Sir, you are really doing a great service to Kannada music.

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