Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Journey

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I went for a jog in a park nearby
everyone seemed happy and I let out a cry

I started jogging,looking at things left and right
the set-up was eyecatching, resplendent and bright

Someone then told me, run as fast as you can
you will win a medal, so strategise and plan

I started running, putting down my head
knocked down a few on the way,my hands turned red

Some people wanted to join me, I took them along
but promptly warned them, its a journey very very long

I got tired, but I wasn't going to stop
there was a medal to win, a clock to watch

Finally I made it, had the medal in my hand
I looked for someone to hug, but couldn't find a man

I looked back for my companions, but they were left far behind
They could see me no more, or perhaps they just did not mind

I sat on the bench, unable to stand anymore
had a relook at the park,boy,did I see something more?

There was a fountain, with a stream of water so pure
I could have taken a bath, enjoying its magnificence

There was a field, full of exotic fruits
I could have tasted them all, relishing their sweetness

There were toddlers, playing in mud without care
I could have become a kid again, shedding my inhibitions

There were a thousand other things, that I could have done
but I left them all, for the most important one

Yes, I went for the medal and I successfully collected
looked at it one more time, but the feeling wasn't the one that I expected

As I walked out of the park, exasperated and drained
I tried to convince myself, the medal is the one that I cared

But then a thought striked me, it was never meant to be a race
All I wanted was,a pleasurable jog with a smiling face

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Someone is Special said...

SmileS, winning the medal is an awesome moment but as you said it is a pleasure jog with a smiling face that helped you to gain the medal.. loved your take... mine is a dream a journey of...

Someone is Special

Enchanta said...

We are so confused about what we want.

The mind and heart are always contradicting the other.

Strange working.

Lovely imagery.

D2 said...

I second what Enchanta had to say about your poem.

The heart and mind do work quite disparately, though always in sync as well. It's quite confusing but at the same time, it all makes perfect sense.
Nice way to bring that out.

All the best for BAT.

Vinay said...

good rhyme, and nice pace to the narrative poem. we're always unsure what we want. but then again, most of us end up in the race rather than the jog! cheers..

Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

Anonymous said...

Really a good analogy of life and the park!!!!

--- Sach

Sureindran said...

I felt the "victory" when I read your journey. A well written poem!


Vikram Pyati said...

@Sis Thanks for the appreciation

@Enchanta Thanks for your comments. You are right about the confusion between heart and mind. I still don't what I want.

@D2 Thanks for you appreciation

Vikram Pyati said...

@Vinay Right, most of us do end up in race. Thanks for stopping by.

@Sureindran Thanks for reading and appreciating the poem.

Yamini Meduri said...

wowie..nice rhyme here..!!!

wonderful poem dear..I love the jog not the end of the race..!!!

Live today, love yourself...everything else shall be taken care of..!!1

All the best for BAT..!!!

Heres mine..!!

Yamini Meduri - Journey