Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flying time....

Does time have wings? Apparently yes. The other day I saw employees joining my organization from campus and my thoughts went back to the time when I joined MindTree(from campus). It was 5 years back. 5 years? Has it really been that long? It just seems yesterday when I came to the rumbustious Bangalore, leaving the relative calm of my hometown Hubli. There were so many hopes and aspirations that I carried along with me. Some have fulfilled, some have dropped off and some new ones have been added. But the most striking feature of the last 5 years have been how fast time has flown.

I remember the time when as 'freshers' we were treated more like kids than IT professionals. Everything was new to us; the work environment, the people, the work. It was a dramatic change from the carefree college life where nothing was to be taken seriously to the professional life where we had to behave more maturely and where we had to wear 'formals' on four days of a week

Recounting my last 5 years, the only thought that comes to my mind is - if the last 5 years can pass in a flash, so will the next 5 years and the 5 years after that. Did I really do what I wanted to do? Will I keep postponing the stuff I really want to do and one fine day find that I don't have any more time left? Do we overestimate the time we are left with?


Sidra Sayeed said...

Yes time is a stealthy basteard, pardon my french!
Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab
If you just want to start coding that cool app, start reading about it today, prepare something to do with it today. DO something today!

It might not be that simple but don't give up just because it's not! :)

Although my new post "Martyr?" has nothing to do with this post if you get a chance do check it out.

Sidra Sayeed said...


Shri said...

in 5 years you have reached as a TL, Time goes very fast

hope u rem our school days and why don't you write about our school days. There are many real and short story

Still i rem the first day i meet you at school, i never forget that day.